✨ “Take it easy driving – the life you save may be mine.”
― James Dean


Jokes for her

o How many men does it take to change a toilet roll? - No one knows, as it has never happened!

o What did God say after creating man? - I can do better …

o What is a man's idea of housework? - Lifting his leg, so you can vacuum under them!

o Why does a man have a clear conscience? - Because it's never used!

o What's the difference between a man & a yoghurt? - Yoghurt has culture!

o What's a man's idea of a romantic evening? - A candle lit football stadium.

o What has an IQ of 7? - Eight men!

o What's the difference between men and batteries? - Batteries have a positive side.

o What's the difference between a man & ET? - ET phoned home!

o How do men exercise at the beach? - Suck in their gut when a bikini walks by !

o When is the only time a woman can change a man? - When he's a baby.

o How do you make a man happy? -- Who cares!!!
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