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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Car of the month Sept 2014 - Triumph Stag

In 1970, Triumph gave the sporting family man the chance to feel the wind in what was left of his hair while his kids created havoc on the back seats. The Michelotti-designed car was equipped with a 3.0-litre V8 engine that developed a reputation for unreliability, with some owners resorting to fitting a Rover V8 unit in its place. 

This conversion is now frowned upon, and to get yourself accepted in Stag circles you'll need an original-engined car rather like this one at Spring Garage, in Leicestershire.

With two owners from new and just under 46,000 miles on the clock, this car looks great and drives brilliantly. The recent respray was carried out when the Carmine Red paint faded, but the panels beneath are original and unwelded.

Inside, the brown vinyl seats and trim are excellent and the multitude of dials and switches work as they should. Of particular interest here, given the engine's notorious reputation for overheating, is the temperature gauge - which remains steady in all driving conditions.
- Ben Field 

Envisioned as a luxury sports car, the Triumph Stag was designed to compete directly with the Mercedes-Benz SL class models. All Stags were four-seater convertible coup├ęs, but for structural rigidity – and to meet new American rollover standards of the time – the Stag required a B-pillar "roll bar" hoop connected to the windscreen frame by a T-bar. A removable hardtop was a popular factory option for the early Stags, and was later supplied as a standard fitment. 

Pic from Wikipedia

Automatic gearbox mutes of-the-line acceleration, but torguey engine delivers plenty of mid-range power once on the move.

Comfortable ride. A little body roll in the corners, but this is more of a tourerthan an out-and-out performance vehicle. Brakes a bit spongy.

Runs smoothly. Oil pressure correct at 45psi. Coolant temperature keeps steady.

Flawless automatic changes enhance the Stag's smooth cruising nature.

No welding torch has ever been near this car. Floor pans still have original factory paint on them. Very solid indeed.

The recent resp0ray is of a very high standard. No signs anywhere of bubbling suggests that the new paint isn't covering up rust.

Chrome work is complete and in very good order. Original wheels have never been kerbed.

Trim is excellent throughout. All electrical items, including windows, are fully functional.

Service history and many bills from new, including original bill of sale. Thick bundle of MoTs help to verify mileage.

A great example of this popular sports tourer. 

 1972 Stage - pic from Wikipedia

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