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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Car of the month - June 2014 - 1953 Austin Healey BN1 100-4 2-seater

After expectantly waiting for 3 weeks for delivery of a 1953 Austin Haley BN1, it finally arrived in all its glory! Black with black leather interior and chrome wire wheels, it's a beaut!

In 1953, this Austin Healey was exported from the factory at Longbridge, Birmingham, UK, to California, USA and was brought back to South Africa in 1985, where it stood in a workshop for 12 years waiting for restoration.

It was bought by a sympathetic enthusiast and lovingly restored to its former glory, finally being finished in 2003 with Black paint and Cherry leather interior, chrome wire wheels and a modern 5-speed gearbox

 It was crowned a Concourse car in its club in Klerksdorp for several years and enjoyed a loving home with several other Austin Healeys, until now finally being acquired by us in March 2009.

Austin Healey with windscreen in normal position

 Austin Healey with windscreen in racing position

1953 Austin Healey Side View

1953 Austin Healey Side/rear view.

1953 Austin Healey grill

Trying out the seating!

Front view

 Austin Healey Sprite, 1953 Austin Healey BN1 and Tiger Moth

NAME : Austin Healey BN4 (1953-56)
ENGINE : In-line 4
CAPACITY : 2600cc
POWER : 100bhp
TRANSMISSION : 3-speed + over-drive
TOP SPEED : 100mph (160kph)

Production was from 1953 - 1956, when it was replaced by the BN4 100-6.

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