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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The passion for classics

 1953 Austin Healey BN1

There are few, if any, pieces of hardware as emotive as the car. With the birth of car designers rather than pure engineers, the door was open for them to express their visions for the future. These cars are celebrated here as we look back at what fired the imaginations of yesterday's creative minds.

The story of classic and dream cars charts the progress of our own history and experience and these pages are a celebration of that progression and a recognition of the value and importance of these cars in our lives.

AsonMartin O.I. V8

But have you ever thought about owning a TRUE classic? Something that makes your heart race and pumps adrenalin through your body? There is nothing quite like the feeling of owning a one-of-a-kind, hand-built, prestigious, super-car. AND having the added advantage of investing your money in a Solid, ever growing-in-value item.

Like antiques, classic and vintage cars have escalated in value through the decades—like old wine (and women!) they only improve with age. Even a neglected old lady picked up in an old barn somewhere, will reward you with her golden patina during a loving restoration undertaking.

Jaguar XK

Proof of the popularity of these beauties is the number of Classic and Vintage Car Clubs that are in operation in South Africa and throughout the world. These clubs are promoting the on-going interest in these old classics and also offer technical and general knowledge sharing, great get-togethers and outings, not to mention all the ‘noggins’!

If you’ve ever been on a ‘vintage rally’, you will know all about the camaraderie, fun and great experiences that happen on these get-togethers - the helping hands extended when you break down (even if it means them losing their place in the race!), the memories shared over a beer/glass of wine at the picnic tables, great food and great friendships forged.

1954 MG TD

1953 Austin Healey BN1

Of course there’s the downside (but not many classic collectors even recognise this as a downside!) of owning an almost 50 year old piece of history, and that’s the constant ‘tinkering’ that takes place—oil leaks, electrical problems, carb settings (most of the modern cars don’t even have carburettors anymore), constant polishing and general pfaffing with all the little items that makes your ‘ol’ lady’ so special!

 from this ... 

and this... 

 and this... 

to this!-Austin Healey BJ8


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