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Thursday, 27 June 2013

1971 Aston Martin V8 OSCAR INDIA Series Four - Automatic

The Aston Martin was built in many guises over its 21-year career. The shape, styled by William Towns and fashioned in alloy, was first seen in 1967 as the DBS, but with the old four-litre six-cylinder engine because the V8 was still not ready for production. With it's new DeDion rear suspension, the wide, wedge-shaped four-seater DBS handled well, but was really a little heavy for its engine, especially when fitted with the power-sapping automatic gearbox.

The quad-cam all-alloy 375bhp V8 was thus much welcomed when it arrived in 1969, catapulting the top speed up to a Ferrari-challenging 160mph (257kph), although early misgivings about the reliability - and thirst - of the Lucas fuel injection caused Aston to change to Webers in 1973. By then, the shape had already had its first make-over with a new grille and single lamps on either side. Five-speed manual was the standard transmission, but many cars came with the Chrysler-automatic 'Torque-flite' gearbox.

ASTON MARTIN - 1969-1990
POWER : 340-436bhp
TRANSMISSION : 5-speed manual/3-speed auto
TOP SPEED : 160mph (257kph) NO.
BUILT : about 1,600

A Vantage version of the V8 gave Aston a challenger in the supercar stakes with its 170mph (273kph) top speed and shattering acceleration, while the elegant Volante convertible proved to be a top seller for this British company. The dramatic Lagonda four-door of 1976 was pure Aston V8 under the skin and appealed to Arab oil sheiks.

The last V8 was made in 1990. By then, the engine had reverted to injection. Large, thirsty, very expensive and fast, the V8 was viewed as a dinosaur, yet it had enormous appeal as a traditionally-built high-speed express. It's spirit survives in today's Virage.
Excerpt from 'The World Encyclopedia of Cars" by Martin Buckley & Chris Rees

The standard "saloon" V8 Oscar India specification of the late 70's. By this time, many Astons were being built with automatic transmission.

 BELOW : The cabin featured acres of the finest leather, electric windows and air conditioning. 

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