✨ “Take it easy driving – the life you save may be mine.”
― James Dean
I write this blog on behalf of my husband, Dave Clarkson, who supplies me with all the technical specs, info and interesting stories! Feel free to contact him on his cellphone at +27 60 637 2560.

Jokes for her

o How many men does it take to change a toilet roll? - No one knows, as it has never happened!

o What did God say after creating man? - I can do better …

o What is a man's idea of housework? - Lifting his leg, so you can vacuum under them!

o Why does a man have a clear conscience? - Because it's never used!

o What's the difference between a man & a yoghurt? - Yoghurt has culture!

o What's a man's idea of a romantic evening? - A candle lit football stadium.

o What has an IQ of 7? - Eight men!

o What's the difference between men and batteries? - Batteries have a positive side.

o What's the difference between a man & ET? - ET phoned home!

o How do men exercise at the beach? - Suck in their gut when a bikini walks by !

o When is the only time a woman can change a man? - When he's a baby.

o How do you make a man happy? -- Who cares!!!
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