✨ “Take it easy driving – the life you save may be mine.”
― James Dean
I write this blog on behalf of my husband, Dave Clarkson, who supplies me with all the technical specs, info and interesting stories! Feel free to contact him on his cellphone at +27 60 637 2560.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy motoring in 2015!

If you are the proud owner of a well-loved, well-used classic car, I hope you used it a lot this past year and didn't just think of it as your best investment. You’ve got to use them. If you don’t, they just become objects d’art, half the appeal has gone and they get very unreliable. And people love to see them on the road; they've come up and asked me so many questions this past year, I could barely get out at times.

Think of our roads, if you like, as one long ribbon of showcases for moving objects of desire. My message to all those rich investors out there is simple: share the love of motoring!

Happy New Year!
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