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― James Dean
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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

1964 MGB Roadster

Just arrived - 1964 MGB Roadster, very rare pull-handle model, not code 2 or 3, uninterrupted paper trail since 01-01-1965, five 60-spoke painted spoke wheels, new tyres, up-rated 5-main bearing motor plus over-drive. Fitted with new soft top, boot carrier, chrome bumper. Red body, black upholstery with red piping, black mats. Been garaged all it's life, totally original. Needs a bit of TLC. For sale - Contact Dave +27 83 625 4445 or contact me via the CONTACT FORM on the right side of this page.

Out of the blue came this 1964, very rare, pull-handle MGB Roadster from a chap in Port Alfred. After chatting to him, I bought the car over the phone without seeing it. When it arrived, it was true to spec in an unmolested condition. the paper work is unmolested since 01-01-1965, with the last owner having had the car for the past 15 years. After examining the car and taking same for a drive as soon as it arrived, I was amazed at the performance of this almost 60-year-old car, as only the British can produce!

Road-holding is absolutely true to style for a car of the period and a tribute to past motoring.

Engine 1798cc, high compression, aluminium tappet cover and sump, pancake air cleaners, over-drive, twin SU's, modern alternator, 5-main bearing engine

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